Harp Diddy

So last Saturday I played the harp at a leather shop and while I was there, a photographer came and took some pictures of the shop. Today there’s a picture of me playing in the Ottawa Citizen! Above the picture, it says, “Caitlyn Pax- ‘The Harp Player’ heralds in this joyous season with live celestial sounds for last minute Christmas shoppers.”
Ahhahhahhahaha! “The Harp Player!” In quotes and capitalized! That’s right, Ottawa, I am THE HARP PLAYER. That’s almost as good as when I was billled as “Caitlyn Pax-, Folk Harvest” at a concert instead of as “Caitlyn Pax-, Folk Harpist.”
And to make it funnier, The picture is sandwiched between an article entitled “Johansson and Hartnet in Makeout Mode Again” and one that proclaims “P. Diddy a Daddy after Birth of Twin Girls.” Oh, the glamor! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Harp Diddy

  1. Catland: Leather Woman, Cornucopia of Leather?
    So, what kind of “stuff” did you end up getting at Ye Olde Leather Shoppe as just compensation for your labors?
    Neat-o that you ended up in the paper with your Folk Harvest!
    I’m alright here, I have no bed (still), no refrigerator (still), no internet (still), and… now I’m confused (still?).

    • Re: Catland: Leather Woman, Cornucopia of Leather?
      I got a bunch of Christmas presents for people here and a couple of things for Magill for his birthday. Nothing terribly exciting. This wasn’t the kind of leather shop that sells forest woman boots or Victorian valises or anything you or I would want, really.
      I feel so sad that you are sleeping on boxes. But just think, some day when you are a famous designer with a carved mahogany bed from Istanbul, a magazine will interview you can you can tell them that when you were starting out, you slept on boxes in LA. I bet the reporter will even make a Cinderella reference! πŸ™‚

      • H to arp to the D to the iddy
        Oh my God, I just noticed that you called this entry “HARP DIDDY”!!
        I thought I’d have my bed by now, my roommate does… we U-Hauled all our “schtuff”… and we have a refrigerator and kitchen table (it’s HUGE, we’ll have Medieval feasts on it)… but when I saw the bed I was to buy in person (we researched it through the classified ads) I didn’t like it, so no way; I’ll take the fucking boxes for a few nights more. I’ve come to enjoy them in a strange way. Sort of.

      • Re: H to arp to the D to the iddy
        There was an article about Diddy being a daddy right above my picture! I almost died from the hilarity.
        Magill gave me Gormenghast for Christmas and we’ve been watching it (and I’ve been thinking of you). This Cat Room. To me Kitchen Slug. Magill likes it, and now he’s into doing the Flay voice, too! πŸ™‚

      • Re: H to arp to the D to the iddy
        And bummer about the bed. You’ll find the right one- if you’re not careful, you’ll end up all zen like my Aunt Joan and have cardboard bookcases and a deck chair. πŸ™‚

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