With a hey nonny nonny….

Tomorrow I’m playing the harp at a leather shop in the Glebe. And the man is playing me in…. wait for it… leather. I don’t exactly understand how a vegetarian harpist ends up being paid two hundred dollars worth of leather, but there you have it. It’s all very… medieval.

12 thoughts on “With a hey nonny nonny….

  1. medieval. Ha! that’s excellent.
    Also, good to have harp-playing gigs.
    I got your postcard, which made me happy, and I mean to write you a proper letter, but it will have to wait till the train ride, I think.

    • Are you going home on the train for Christmas? That is one looooong ride! Don’t be afraid to be firm about your space. Don’t let other people’s children sleep in your lap. Trust me. šŸ™‚
      Glad you liked the post card! šŸ™‚

      • I’m going to my aunt’s in Chicago on the train (all my dad’s family are coming there, including my parents). Marginally less long than going home, but still 29 hours each way. And that’s as advertised; we’ll see how long it actually takes. I’m going to take my novel draft and have a real crack at it when I have no excuse. We’ll see how I fare without an mp3 player. I considered buying one, but haven’t. I may end up hitting a sale in Chicago if it’s really bad! Besides, I’ve heard people don’t talk to you if it looks like you can’t hear them.

      • That’s a bit longer than from Chicago to Vermont… music is most certainly helpful. If I were you, I’d bring something to read for fun- I always had noble intentions of working on writing projects on the train and ended up getting to crabby to concentrate. You are much more disciplined than I am, so I’m sure you’ll get some work done. But it’s always good to have lots of options, activity-wise, when you’re on a train.

      • oh, definitely!
        I’m debating what long, absorbing book I can bring that I’m likely to feel like reading, and which I can possibly read with a lot of interruptions. And maybe sewing projects, too. I’m trying to balance variety with carry-on bulk.

      • Have you read “Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell” yet? Or “The Historian?” You’d like both, I think. I hear that even Dana is giving “The Historian” a try, and we know how she feels about mixing fiction and history. šŸ™‚

      • I read and liked The Historian. Great stuff. I tried Jonathan Strange, but I couldn’t get into it. I think not liking any of the characters except the two children had something to do with it. Unfortunately, since that would have been great. I mau reprise Sunshine, Tam Lin or To Say Nothing of the Dog, but I know them so well.
        Speaking of, how’s your novel revision coming? I want to reread it, but I hesitate because I know what I have is an obsolete draft.

      • How far did you get into Jonathan Strange? The beginning drags, but it’s worth it! Susannah Clarke’s new short story collection, The Ladies of Grace Adieu, is really, really good. It’s the cool concepts of JS&MN with a quicker pace and more likable protagonists. Have you read American Gods? Really good. Gaiman also has a new short story collection, Fragile Things, which I recomend. I just read a great book called The Singing Fire about two Polish Jewish women who move to London at the end of the 19th century. And have you read any Alice Hoffman? She’s great. If you’re in the mood for YA fiction, The Water Mirror is great, as is Fly By Night, as is The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, as is Posion. Phew!
        The revision of Likeness of Beasts isn’t all that different from the copy you have. I changed some things with Leonce and did a lot of tweaking here and there, but the basic story is the same. If you want, I can email you the revision. I’ve put it on the shelf for the moment and am concentrating on short fiction because I need to get more short work published before an agent will consider me. And I’ve realized that I need an agent to get a novel published. I’m working on two stories at the moment, one set in a dream city where a strange and magical card game is being played, the other in a traveling circus populated by fairy tale characters.

      • I’d love the revision of Likeness of Beasts.
        I got several chapters into jsmn. Can’t remember what happened last, though.
        Wow, I’ll have to check out that list, and see what the libray has that isn’t checked out.

      • For the sake of avoiding confusion, the YA books I listed are all by different authors (well, except The Haunting of etc. and Posion, which are both by Chris Wooding- I think you’d like The Haunting especially- it’s kind of like Buffy meets Victorian London) and are not by Alice Hoffman. My favorite Alice Hoffman books are Practical magic, Second Nature, and The River King (this one is real gloomy, though).
        I’ll email you the novel.

    • It was fine. I was mistaken for a mannequin by a gaggle of Asian carollers. They thought I was a model of the Mona Lisa. Which we all know is a major symbol of Christmas.

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