I can’t believe how grown up my little baby Mira has gotten.

The day we brought her home:


She lives with my parents in Michigan. Today they brought home another dog and named her Bella- she was saved from the pound just before they were going to put her down!

Dogs of a feather:

3 thoughts on “Wiggins!

    • Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie Wooger Wiggie!
      What, your parents got a new pooch? I wonder how Young Wiggins is behaving these days?
      Guess what? I’m house-sitting right now for some people in Beverly Hills (actually it’s Cheviot Hills, but pretty much the same thing) and I get to watch over their dog, Willa- who is a Woodle (a Poodle and Welsh Terrier mix). I tell you, I love this Poodle mix business- the names get curiouser and curiouser. And they all have two o’s in them, which makes my day. Oh, I love being around a hug-able furry friend again!
      Caitlyn, email me- betise.withey@gmail.com, you know the drill. I need some info from you before my internet is cut off, I haven’t the foggiest when we’ll have internet in our new apartment!

      • Re: Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie Wooger Wiggie!
        Yeah, my mom announced that they were going to look at a beagle mutt that had just been rescued from death row, and they ended up taking her home! She’s about seven years old and they named her Bella. Mira and Bella. And to think I had to work so hard to convince them we needed another dog last spring! Mira is doing just fine- I hear that Ron slips her cookie and other people food on a regular basis and she is delighted by snow.
        Have fun house sitting- I know I always enjoy living other people’s lives for a day or two! Especially when they have pets! Aren’t Woodles a kind of gnome? 🙂
        Sure I’ll email you. But you’ll have to tell me just what mysterious information you’re after!

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