Muffins Lights

Pumpkin Muffins = Good
Pumpkin Cookies = Not Good
Pumpkin Cookies Baked as Muffins in Muffin Tray = Edible
Moral = Just Make Muffins

In other news, yay for Christmas lights around my window! Magill thinks I’m crackers because I only like white lights. They look like little magical faerie lights! I can tolerate multicolored lights if I must, but I am very much against the blue lights that seem to be popular this year. Blue is not merry! Blue is gloomy. Ghostly lights are blue. Under the water is blue. Christmas is not blue!

5 thoughts on “Muffins Lights

  1. Just make muffins, precious.
    Girl, I can’t even fathom what your objective was in making cookies in a muffin tray. I… I don’t even know what to say.
    On another note, since I’m house sitting for the next 5 days, I’m going to be making myself pancakes every day of the week- right now that’s what I would most like to eat in the entire world. And maybe I will try to make them artful like your mancake. Pictures might be forthcoming…

    • Re: Just make muffins, precious.
      Well, I made pumpkin muffins earlier in the week and they were yummy. Then, with the remaining pumpkin, I made cookie dough. But the first batch to emerge from the oven were… strange. They tasted good, but the texture were very… muffiny. So I made the rest of the batter into muffins.
      I think you should make catcakes. You could make a Humpydumpy cake, and a Chicken Leggs cake, and a Billy Bob cake! Catcakes! I would love to see the pictures. Also the rat infested Victorian wedding pictures.

      • Let’s be all toffee-nosed, shall we, with a plummy town and country accent…
        Jolly good muffins, I say, I raaa-ther fancy them, old chap, they’re quite muffin-y indeed. The texture is rich and thoroughly muffin-y and altogether delightful. La-di-dah!

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