I am a mad scientist.

I like to cook. And I’m really not bad at it. I can whip up a pretty presentable meal without a recipe. But sometimes, my inner cook has a knock-down-drag-out-fight with my inner mad scientist. Last night, the mad scientist won.

So, a week ago I made cream of sweet potato soup. It was lovely, though next time I’ll put in less pepper. I had some left over, and last night as I was making pasta, I decided to turn it into sauce. I once had ravioli in squash sauce in a restaurant and it was delicious. And in my head, sweet potato and squash are basically the same (Magill points out that they are not in fact the same, seeing as they taste compeletly different and one grows above ground and the other under ground, but I stand by my opinion). So I mixed the soup with a container of garlic flavored ricotta, added some milk and some cilantro, and heated it up. It smelled good.
I dished it up, took a picture to document my creation, and gave the plate to Magill to eat.
“What exactly IS this?” he asked, politely.
“Just try it. You’ll like it.”
We both tried it.
“So, what do you think?” I asked.
“It, um, needs salt. Yeah, it’s pretty good if you add salt.”
He was lying, but I forgive him because he was trying to spare my feelings. It was awful. I get kind of queasy thinking about it. And, looking at the picture, I realize that it resembles nothing so much as vomit.
And so, I present Caitlyn’s Sweet Potato Vomit Sauce:

Tonight, we had Chinese takeout.

And, because it proves that I am not in fact hopeless in the kitchen, a picture of the mancake that I made for Magill this morning:

2 thoughts on “I am a mad scientist.

  1. Ha ha about your you nightmare noodles! Yep, I’d agree your a pretty great cook, what happened? Since when are sweet potatoes like squish-squash? The whole noodle meal looks a bit too monochromatic- never trust a meal that’s almost all white. It’s like un-food for non-beings.
    But I love your MANCAKE! It’s cute! I haven’t had lovely pancakes in ages!
    On an non-food related note, boy I’m so wretched at this livejournal thing! I have to just face it that I suck at the internet(s). Period. Hopefully I can update my journal soon- I’ve got some Halloween pictures I could post- with my regency hat and poke bonnet at the booty-booty rump shaka party in south L.A., I also have some pictures from the Getty Museum (the regular museum and the antiquities collection). So… yippie. And I could scan some of my anorexic fashion figures that I’ve had to draw for Fashion Sketching I. Oh, and I couldn’t leave out the complete drag it is looking for another apartment here in L.A…. el suck-o, mon amie.
    Oh, and did I mention I applied to Barnes & Noble for some extra Christmas work. Oh dear, don’t think bad of me, I’m only in it for the money!

    • I miss you, Miss Withey! I was just a-thinkin’ about you yesterday, wondering how you were getting on.
      Yeah, the sweet potato vomit sauce was just a bad idea. I was a better cook when I was living at home and could run ideas by my mom. She would have put the kibosh on this one right from the start, I think!
      You MUST put up pictures on your journal because my life won’t be satisfactory until I see your poke bonnet. And, seeing pictures of your radiant self will help me feel like you aren’t quite so faraway in the land of palm trees and movies.
      And also, I am very keen to see your fashion sketches, as I must prepare for what I hope will someday be a fashion trend near me. And I think it’s okay to put the clothes on anorexic models, just so long as they would look good on more Rubanesque ladies like myself if made in slightly larger sizes. 🙂
      I’m sorry that your apartment search is el suck-o. Is there any less expensive student housing that you can move into? Isn’t there a resident office that can help you?
      There are far worse things than working for old B&N. Like not being able to buy food. You had better be eating enough- don’t make me come out there and feed you mancakes until you bust!

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