Just finished season two of “Carnivale”. Magill says he doesn’t think he can watch TV with me anymore because I get too involved. I mean, just because I cried and shook him and screamed pretty loud once… okay, so I’m a kook. But “Carnivale” is just so good! We just signed a petition to bring it back (for those of you who haven’t seen it, it was cancelled WAY before the story ended) and ever since “Firefly” and “Fairytale Theater”, I have faith in petitions.
The concert went well, and I had a nice visit with my parents last week. We ate lots of good food- mmmm curry. And being able to show my mum around made Ottawa feel more like home- like it’s my place now.
This week, I shall make sushi. One thing I love about living in a city: I can actually buy inari fixings (eg. tofu bags, the good kind) at a store near me.
I’ll be happy when November is over and we can usher in honset winter. And can we get some sunshine, please?

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  1. Ooo, Carnivale! I’ve been meaning to borrow that, because I’m running out of Whedon. And you can only watch so much Due South. Speaking of which, now you’re in Canada you should definitely see it. It’s not on the same plane as Firefly et al. (I think it was the early nineties and there was no budget), but good fun nonetheless.

    • Magill says that his uncle built sets for Due South! But I haven’t seen it yet.
      I’m not sure how much you’d like Carnivale. It’s pretty dark. I mean, it’s beautiful and has fantastic characters and is actually told in an interesting and not exactly linear fashion and I recommend it, but it’s also very gruesome. I cried from the oogieness on several occasions. But it was worth it. So, it’s your call… I liked the first season better than the second. It’s addictive- like Firefly.

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