The big house concert is tomorrow- wish me luck!
Last night I finally saw the movie “Beowulf and Grendel,” which I remember being excited about, oh, three years ago now, when I was a RA. I remember having a laugh with Holly because we saw on the website that the movie would include a young woman (eg. love interest) in the form of a witch named Selma. Holly drew a cartoon about it- “Beowulf on the Internet Dating Scene.” Well, I can now confirm that Beowulf does in fact get it on with Selma the witch. But the bastardization of early literature does not end there folks, oh no. Because Grendel gets it on with her, too. Yup, you heard me. Troll sex. Call me a prude, but EWWW.
Strange sex aside, I haven’t decided whether I liked the movie or not. I loved the scenery and cinematography. Iceland is gorgeous. The characters were all rather one-dimensional, but it is the template of “the hero story” so I guess that could be excused- except they got all modern and made Grendel in the right, so, er. Also, I don’t think the Danes had henna. Selma is working some RED hair. The trolls were pretty cool, and I liked that they made them kind of magical, and not just big and ugly (though they were that, too). I wanted more magical creatures, and less drunk Viking. But then, doesn’t everyone?
Tonight I’m off to see Marie Antoinette, and I can’t wait for the feast of brocade.
On a more literary tangent, I just read Susannah Clarke’s beautiful new collection of short stories, and I recommend it highly. So go forth and read “The Ladies of Grace Adieu” and then if you haven’t read “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell yet, go read that, too.

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