And there he spied a ladye bright, come riding down by the Eildon Tree

I’ve been spiffing up a version of “Thomas Rhymer” for the concert next weekend and I must say, I’m rather pleased with it. The little clip of melody in the Child Ballad Book has a very eerie quality to it that suits faerie abduction perfectly. Though I must admit that now I understand why no one has ever really recorded it- it does go on and on, and unlike most Child Ballads, it doesn’t have any ghastly death to keep the audience hooked. It does have sex, but it isn’t exactly graphic… I mean, there’s “kissing” and “serving” and “mounting on her milk white steed” but that’s all rather figurative for today’s audience . Anyway, I had to cut out all the bits about the roads to heaven and hell and faerie, thus scandalizing my inner folklorist.
On Halloween we got all spiffed up, only to arrive at the theater that was playing Rocky Horror and discover that they had already sold out. There were were, in our underwear and party hats, with no show to see! It was sad, I tell ya! At least we had our party over the weekend.
Last night we went and saw “The Prestige” for the second time, and it was just as good as the first. Maybe even better, because I could pay attention to the clues this time. I walked into town to the theater wearing Magill’s top hat and one of my faintly Victorian get-ups and was amazed that very few people gave me odd looks. Living in a city is crazy!
Now our pumpkin is wearing Magill’s top hat. It looks quite pleased with itself (the pumpkin, not the hat).
Okay, now it’s time for real writing!

6 thoughts on “And there he spied a ladye bright, come riding down by the Eildon Tree

  1. How many ravens?
    Oh, O.K.
    Your “Thomas the Rhymer” endeavor sounds splendid- and best of luck with your concert!! Yippie! “Mounting on her milk white steed”, eh? That’s not enough sex and scandal for you and your audience?
    Too bad your Rocky-Horror evening didn’t pan out as expected, but that’s what you get for going out in public looking like a tart (Halloween or not)! Got any pictures of you and Magill left out in the cold in your undies? Now that’s what to put in your journal!
    Yeah, Betsie’s got an LJ, neener, neener, neener! Hopeful I’ll soon be able to put something of some worth on it (Doubtful).
    Now I need to scare up some friends…

    • Re: How many ravens?
      I think the universe was trying to tell me to check my email because I’d hear from you. Spriggans JUMPED off the shelf last night and landed on my head! Messages from above! Woooooo!
      No pictures of me in my undies, I’m afraid. Sorry to disappoint. But unless I’m much mistaken, you still have a pair of my Wiggins-altered undies, so you could put them on and pretend to be me, stuck outside in the cold without Rocky Horror tickets! Or not. 🙂
      I’m sure that all of my friends would be happy to be your friends, too.
      Geeze. We’ve both succumbed. Who woulda thunk it? 🙂

      • Re: How many ravens?
        It was just a whim I had last night to create an LJ- we’ll see how good I am at keeping up with it.
        Hahahaha about the Spriggins print falling on you!
        So… what now? What do you do for fun around here anyway?

      • Re: How many ravens?
        Zee Horrible Oracle says: is not for fun, is for keeping in touch with your most premium seeing eye bitches.
        But seriously, it isn’t exactly like joining the circus. But it will be more like joining the circus now that you’re here! 🙂
        I’m working on a new story that I think you’re gonna like! It takes place at a circus…

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