Yay! The holiday that gives me an excuse to dress up (like I really need one, but hey) is finally here!
Tonight we’re meeting up with my new friend Heidi (who I met working at the folk festival convention two weeks ago) and her beau and we’re going to see the Rocky Horror stage show. I’m excited! Magill used to be in the stage show (he was Riff Raff) so he knows all the lines and what props one needs and everything. I’ve never dressed up as anything sexy for Halloween before on general principles, but tonight I’m getting tarted up killingly.
Sunday night we had a big party and invited oodles of people and played goofy games into the night. There were some wonderful costumes, which I shall now share with you:

Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley!

Bill shows off his moves

Hell-o Cowboy!

Annie gets her gun

And she isn’t afraid to use it!

Alice and both Mad Hatters

This time there WAS wine at the tea party

Freedom Fighter! Remember, remember…

The Life Aquatic

It’s the Mob- and that guitar case isn’t full of guitar!

Are we having fun yet?

I don’t know who this girl is exactly, but she made her costume out of scraps of leather without a sewing machine!

Flying Cyber Monkey!

The night before the party, Magill and I had fun with a fake mustache

Step right up, folks, step right up!

There’s a movie called “The Great Race” where the bad guy Professor Fate and his sidekick Maximilion are played by Jack Lemmon and Peter Faulk. This is our interpretation of the characters.

Push the Button, Max!

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