She’ll never see that seaport town called Canadee-i-o!

I think today may be a writing day. Maybe I can finish the short story I’ve been working on since last spring!
It was a busy weekend- I volunteered at a folk festival convention and met about a million people. The number of singer-songwriters from Ontario alone is staggering. Everyone was very kind and amazingly eager to hook me up with everyone else they know, and I even met a guitar maker (named Grit) who knew my dad back when he was starting the Toronto Folklore Center. The funniest part was when I was put in charge of monitoring the mentoring sessions and making sure that everyone got their scheduled ten minute slot. Trying to get folk musicians to stick to a schedule is like herding cats.
I also went to a song circle about an hour outside the city in a little mill town called Almont. I got a ride with a storyteller named Gail, and found myself sitting around a huge table in a pub, singing songs all afternoon. I feel pretty safe saying that I was the only one under fifty. My favorite singers were the three older English gentlemen who were all very dignified and full of shanties.
Yesterday the weather was gorgeous so Magill and I went for a walk around Parliament Hill, had a baked brie at Darcy Magee’s Pub, and did our shopping on the market. We bought the biggest head of cauliflower I’ve ever seen in my life. Pictures of all these things will follow shortly.

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