The Dashing Magill Foote, contemplating a career as a politician:

He was dissuaded from said political aspirations by this unicorn, who is, as you can see, sick of the whole business.

Much more poetic than the White House.

A Parliament of Owls:

One of the Parliament Hill cats- they even have a cat house, and a little old man who feeds them. Have I mentioned that I love Canada?

The Queen on her horse.

Magill again, because he’s just so darn handsome!

Getting chummy with the women’s rights monument:


Yes, please.

Major’s Hill Park, part of the revenue service building (Magill: “They put snipers on the towers during tax time just in case anyone goes crazy.” Me: “Really?” Magill: “No.”), and the Hotel Laurier, which looks like the castle from Disneyland but you can’t really see it in this photo.

And finally, never eat anything bigger than your head: