Yesterday I went down to the Glebe (bees’ knees, remember?) to drop by the folklore center, and then I went for a walk in Windsor Park. In one of Charles De Lint’s books, the main character meets faeries whilst walking in Windsor Park, so I was ready for them. Mostly I just saw people with dogs, ducks, and the occasional baby pram. But as I was walking along the water I passed an old gentleman with a beard and funny cap, and I think he might have been one of the wee people. He was eating ice cream.
Anyway, I took some pictures.

The road to Faerie…

See any Nymphs?

Okay, how about ducks?

It’s a good thing all of my ducks are in a row:

Further up and further in…

Oh, and milk does come in bags here in Canada. Who knew?

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  1. I did’t know, but in my public elementary school in Maine we had milk in “pouches,” that is, rectangular plastic pillows that you poked with a sharp straw to drink. They were single-serving size, though. I was there when they were first introduced, and we had a special demonstration on how to use them, with particular emphasis on putting your thumb over the other end of the straw when you did the stabbing.
    Ooh, so pretty in Canada. I want to visit, but stupid school and airfair. I love hearing what you’re up to, though.

    • These are big bags of milk. There’s a whole rack of gallon milk bags (inside of which are two smaller bags) and you buy a special thingy to put them in. Then you can reuse the thingy, and only the bags get thrown away.
      Ottawa is a very pretty city, and I do hope that you can come and visit eventually. Things are very civilized here. πŸ™‚

    • Ottawa is full of lovely parks. Today I went for a stroll in Beechwood Cemetary- I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow. Say, can you tell me how to put pictures behind a cut? In the help section it just says to push the lj cut button, but I have no such button! Help!

      • Sure! πŸ™‚
        Just type this, replacing the asterisks with < brackets.
        *lj-cut text=”whatever you want the cut link to say”*
        end with
        If you don’t do the text part and just write *lj-cut* it’ll say ‘Read more…’ by default.

  2. Hobos
    Are there any hobos in this park? Your grandma always insisted there were hobos in every park, though, to my great disappointment, I never got to meet any. I think she had a bad case of hobophobia. “Watch out for the hobos!”

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