Zaphod the cat is stalking me.

I made it to the Glebe last night, despite the rain. Let me tell you, harps were not designed for bus travel.

But everything went swimmingly at the pub! I was reading one of Charles De Lint’s books last week (it’s called “Jack of Kinrowan” and I recommend it- it’s set in Ottawa and has faeries running all over the streets) and the faeries play Brian Boru’s March, so I decided to play it last night. Turns out it’s one of De Lint’s favorite songs! I was invited to come back and I met all these great musicians and was invited to all sorts of folkie music-making events! Have I mentioned that I love Ottawa?

Magill met me when he got off of work (he works at a toy store called Mrs. Tiggywinkle’s, hee hee) and did a little magic for the folkies at the end of the second set. And he did an awesome card trick for me during the set break- he turned red aces into black kings! Which reminds me, if you have a chance to go see the movie “The Illusionist,” you should, because it’s really good. Though I hear that the magic isn’t quite accurate.

I leave you with a picture- fairy farting around with Betsie in Ireland.